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Thank you for purchasing a unique piece of jewelry from Orrling Jewelery. Our fine jewelry is forever. You can basically say that you take care of and nurture it for future generations. We hope you will make an effort to take good care of them, as proper care will help maintain the original luster, elegance and charm of your precious items - as well as save on repairs and restoration. We recommend that you use special jewelry cleaners and clean your jewelry often, in a way that does not damage the jewelry - ie without abrasives. Do not wear jewelry when performing heavy physical activity. Do not subject your jewelry to any kind of shock. Colored stones are fragile. They are not like diamonds. We advise you not to wear your jewelry while you sleep. Store delicate jewelry in a place where no heavy objects can fall on top of them. Do not store in a place where it may break or bend against another surface. Do not rub your jewelry against hard metals or surfaces that can scratch it.

All diamonds used in Orrling jewelery are of H / VS quality and are graded very carefully. We guarantee that our diamonds are conflict-free and have been purchased from legitimate sources in accordance with UN resolutions. For more information, read more in the chapter THE KIMBERLY PROCESS. Our jewelry is in 18-karat gold. Contact your authorized Orrling Jewelery dealer for any questions regarding your purchase.

Jewelry locks are properly attached when the locking system "clicks" properly into place. Some buckles and jewelery have a safety lock - this too must be "clicked" for it to be fastened correctly. If the clamp does not close with an audible "click", it must be taken to an authorized Orrling Jewelery dealer, who will send the lock to our service department for repair.

Our leather is made of the finest cowhide. A premium product with the least possible environmental impact made in Europe. Our leather is a natural product and must be treated accordingly. Light-colored leather is more sensitive than darker colors and requires delicate care. Darker leather can stain if it gets damp. Our leather colors can also vary, as they are chosen from different parts of the cow. Do not wear the leather when bathing and be aware that the color may fade if exposed to direct sunlight. The leather can be maintained with a neutral shoe polish, but as with other leather items, daily use will give an aged beautiful look over time.

Our gold jewelry is 100% nickel free. A white gold alloy is not completely white and therefore the white gold is rhodium plated. Rhodium plating is a final treatment that will eventually be patinated. For some products, we also use black rhodium as a finishing treatment to achieve the desired effects. This especially applies to rings, bracelets and other exposed jewelry. To maintain the whiteness and blackness of gold, it should be treated with rhodium by your authorized Orrling Jewelery dealer.

Our silver jewelry is 100% nickel free. In some cases, we oxidize our silver jewelry as a finishing touch to achieve the desired effects. This treatment will be patinated over time but can always be restored. This especially applies to rings, bracelets and other exposed jewelry. To maintain the blackness of the silver, it should be treated with silver oxide by your authorized Orrling Jewelery dealer.